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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Original LILIANA Songs I will be Recording soon


you want me to take it
like a champion
shove it in me like packed salmon
I REFUSE brother, I REFUSE sister

you live the violent chaos
yea, morality would create too much peace
on your dirty, ugly, botoxed face
I REFUSE brother, I REFUSE sister

I'm lined up at starbucks of the wanted dreams
cappuccino double latte, "make me famous please"
no talent loser undisciplined fucks
I REFUSE brother, I REFUSE sister


take off all your clothes
don't you know? you're in Hollywood
it's real squeky clean shiny things
it's real chances happening
it's a real faux leather jacket, a wolf you hope
I'm laughing hard cuz they all turn out to be sheep

and I Refuse
I refuse, I Refuse, I REFUSE
brother, sister, father, mother, I Refuse

you grin your sick smile from your polluted mind
whilst I'm the genius dragon spewing pure heart fire into your clogged throat
I dare you, tap your pen to evaluate me
I'll bite off your child-maker
I aint like the blond fake tittied bimbos you're used to


It keeps happening, stupid
Because noone will take a stand
pussy-fuckers scared to fight for something
to Believe in

I'm supposed to bend over and take it up the ass?

I refuse, I refuse,
brother, sister, I REFUSE

Chorous altered:

strip off your soul
don't you know? You're in Hollywood
ride it fast sex money fame power NOW
more until you're a walking ghost

you say that's how it always was
and how it always will be
and if you want it bad enough you'll do

I've got a solution

join me and start a revolution

I refuse.

and I'll Refuse.

I Refuse brother, sister, father, mother,


yea I'll do it all my way
I'll shove it up Your asses and you'll see Me smiling
evaluating You as you beg me for the secret

yea and then I'll have really Changed things



you know
you feel
you act
you think
you live


stupid machine
such a beautiful thing
truth is raining on you
but you're in a waterproof suit

suit's dry cleaned
with your LA smile
all the dying bleed upon you
but you're in a waterproof suit

you eat
you bleed
you try, deny
you defeat, repeat

you fight
you fuck
you scream
you manipulate, try so hard

chorous x2

waterproof suit
waterproof suit
waterproof suit



look into my eyes
there are forests
but no lies

i'll let you see my soul
and you can take everything
for there is nothing i own

put your hand on my heart
drum to it's beat
and we'll be one

your breath on my lips
i don't need a kiss
i've felt you balls to bones
i let go of all control


I want to eat what you eat
live where you live
dream what you dream
see the world thru your eyes

i want to feel what you feel
know what you know
walk where you walk
i want to see the world thru your eyes

on a map you'll see borders
lots of lines separating things
all you'll see is oneness when you fly with me

can you taste the love
floating thru every second
of this life

and are you grateful
for this grand gift
the magic of being Alive?

I have seen you shudder in fear
close yourself in skepticism
i'm here to show you a new you
a whole new way of living

chorous x2


elevate me, captivate me
teach me all i do not remember
i will save you
you will save me
let's jump into the waterfall together
see the world thru one eye

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