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Sunday, July 12, 2009

no point

I am somewhere in between the buddha lounge and pandora's chest, dissipated, hopeless, broken. there are lines marking the end and beginning, and my blind eyes only refract limbo. There's not really a fuckin' point. to life, to death, to the fluff and the moats. I had this magical light once, this glow throughout from balls to bones. but I destroyed it you see, the truth of me came out to feast. now my Love! Light!GONE


I am wise but I am stupid. For in my heart I see a solution. A means to end this horrid mess. Alas there can be no progress; for I am behind a solid wall, beyond the wall my heart tied to a dog. unleash the dog and feed him well, my heart spit out and flown over. but this dog only eats the finest turtles. and I am a poor merchant. The solution is oh so very near. But there is nothing to be done. thus you see my friends, with all the knowledge of the world, with every labyrinthian puzzle which I know the answer to, all of it is shite, total utter shite. For I cannot feed a dog, beg of him to unleash my heart, fly the heart back to my chest,


I will never be whole again.

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