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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I imagine a new world. I imagine a new paradigm shift. Maybe it will only arise with 2012, maybe later, maybe earlier. I imagine an era where Thought and Idea are given the Greatest of value. Greater than fame, achievement, success or glory. Where the seeking of Truth , is realized as the highest level of human experience any human can reach. An era in which the scientists, the philosophers , the writers and the thinkers, will have their own “mtv”. Will have their own “oscars”. And not just the nobel prizes, which are reserved for the high elite, usually in their 70's close to old age, recognized for the Lifetime achievements they have made. A new era in which the true World Class THINKERS are actually Listened to for a change. A world in which peace is not an unrealistic dream but a factual reality. In this reality, fictional gems of entertainment though they are, Twilight and Harry Potter will pale in significance to the global contributions of works to rival Shakespeare. Where young Poets, and Scholars, are given the same celebrity hoo-haa reserved for the masses of undeserving Paris Hilton wannabes of today. A new era of mergence of man and thought, where dreamers are not told to stop dreaming, but will prevail as the victorious leaders of Courage and Strength. Where the geeks and the nerds will not be bullied by the bullies, but given the platform of voice, and the tools to make their innovative visions for a new reality, actual reality. A new era in which there will be more effort spent in harnessing together enlightened minds than to seek future slaves to amass in regurgitative employee-breeding academic institutions. A new generation of brilliants who put their energy into upholding the truths self evident to our very existence, rather than wasting their talents on becoming robots in a media-scheme that defines “success”. I dream of this day, which, despite the dislike of all those so violently against it, is coming fast upon us. This day when the front page news will be a story of humanity's progress, and not it's hatred and downfall. When it is no longer “weak” to share emotions, no longer “delusional” to dream grand dreams, no longer “foolish” to take giant leaps toward a completely unknown future. This new world, which will Harness the tools of technology and not be Addicted to it. This new sunrise which will bring awakening not possible thru superficial trends of “happiness”, but a true sense of the purpose of every living being. The sparkling colours of this new world will not be those of religious zealots condemning the world to fear the words of an imaginary dictator. Rather an internal humbling energy felt amongst All lifeforms in acknowledgement and respect of this mysterious quantity around us known as Life. That though the ultimate question of Why we are all here may never be answered, to live in a world in which the Revolution is to no longer Ignore the question, but to Embrace it. When will that flickering box with it's shimmery fantasies be valid of worth? When the channels our young flip thru be comprised of messages of Love, instead of messages of Cynicism and Materialistic Filth. When the youth of our planet rid themselves of temporary pleasures and a lifestyle of trash, and instead Jump at the opportunity to fill their souls with Meaning. This reality in which the time and focus spent on creating commercials to convince consumers to Buy Buy Buy, and audiences of theatrical spectacles to not be Forced with any one genre of a message, this focus of the world and it's people will re-direct itself towards eliminating Consumers and Sellers and re-invent a sustainable economy of Seekers. Where people will not Live to Work, not Work to Live, not Make Money to Survive or to Buy Buy Buy crap they don't need, but to Seek continuously higher truths about their own minds and hearts. To live in a light where earthly concerns are no longer relevant, or even necessary. This new world, what a grand world it is. For it will be just as full of contradictions as the world we live in now. But in this new world, contradictions, will no longer be, Judged. Every individual will be free to be exactly as they are, with no one right of how they should be or should aspire to be. Love will not be limited to being between one man and one woman. But open to three women and one tree, two men and an elephant, five children and a smile. This world where money will Not be the ultimate objective in analyzing a person's true motive. This is not a world about hippies and making love and not war. There will be the brutality of nature, the raw beauty of instinct. But it will be Pure. Not twisted and devoid of Understanding. An Understanding that every day, every Minute, of this gift we live in, holds such precious Power in it's every second. That with our every action, another being is affected, and to make that effect, one of Love. For in this world, of this world, love will be the closes truth of coming close to making any sense of the complexity which surrounds us. And It, will hold truer than any law system, any political disparity, any economical fault or gain. This Love, will be what every being will turn to, when lost, when afraid, when alone. A love that is overpowering, and yet quiet. A love which shakes the soul into the depths of despair and yet rights it. A love which is felt, felt so freely and so deeply and so fully, that eventually every day it will grow closer and closer to being Seen. That when you will wake upon a morning and see the sun, that when you will gaze upon the stars of a dark sky, you will be able to see in this new world, it's shimmers, it's shinings, it's Glows, irrefutable, undeniable. This world isn't in my imagination. It's a prophecy that Shall be fulfilled, and slowly is coming to fruition. And every egotistical mind which initially sneers at it, will eventually bow to it. Not in fear, not in terror, but in tears of realization that every second of our albeit Limited existence, thru Love, is Unlimited. That one person, is never, was never, will never be, alone.

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