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Saturday, September 19, 2009

As The Wind

First saw the music video of this when I was visiting my family in Russia in 07', it has remained one of the most beautiful recent Russian pop songs I have heard. Can't believe I found it!!! Youtube is pretty amazing.

this is not a verbatim translation, there are not really such words of depth in the English language to convey the meaning&layers of Russian.

"as the wind"

when I die I shall become the wind
and will live upon your roof
when you die you shall become the sun
and you shall still be above me
in the autumn wind I will resonate
you won't notice
and I won't make it obvious
and you will warm , everything

chorous: but listen, please do not yet become the sun, for I will sing you songs from the roof, I will wait for your smile alone, I will listen to your favourite vinyls, I will gently take off the snowflakes from your eyelashes, and there will be nothing left but to become wind

when I die, I will become the wind
and will fall to the earth thru the first snowfall
I will fly with you all over the world
there will be no greater happiness than this
when you die, you will become the sun
and will warm all my freezing winters
and from the coldest heart tears will be able to flow

chorous x2

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