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Thursday, January 22, 2009


My new Acting MySpace:


Warning: It's full of the greatness of Life. Pessimists, Cynics and Haters beware!


Ok some news tidbits:
-shooting "Smoking Aces: Blowback" in New Orleans next week. Small part in from what I understand is a shit movie, but it will be noticed. The film is going to get a lot of exposure.
And it is an action/thriller/pulp fiction type of movie, which is one of the genres of my aim. Gonna be a powerforce/angelina jolie type, in addition to dark/suepernatural stuff.

My part is cooooool-a singer in a jazz club, just when "shit is about to go down". I'm singing, and dancing/performing a song in it, (utilizes a few of my talents) which I'm recording in the studio this week. It's like a moulin rouge/type of scene. And I'm the lead singer. think like marilyn monroe with an ethnic new orleans flavour, in a jazz club with lotsa smoke and guns.
-new front-runner for modeling campaign of "Trust No Man" gear. Local (LA) and possibly National billboards.
-reviewing a screenplay-top secret weeehhee!!-for a film that I have been offered the Lead for. No I can't disclose the name of the film, the director, or the production house yet. Sorry. Keep watch for updates to see if I picked it, and what it is...dun dun dun.....

More Tidbits:

-my Dad is getting Married in March in Bangladesh!!!! Wee!!!! I am of course going to the wedding. March 15-30. And I have a New Sister!!!! WOW!!!!! YAY!!! Go Dad!
-I Love My Mom. That remains. Always. She is so Supportive, and what an amazingly different phase we are going thru. You see people, All relationships Can and SHOULD be worked on and Changed. It's never too late! Respect and love your parents! You've only got 1 set!!!! Your mom should be your Queen and your father your King.
-I saw "Yes Man" at the gramahn's chinese theatre. Theatre, no biggie, it's cool but....just a theatre. lol. Movie..ok it was not one of his best, the main message is Vital and Great, but the execution was a bit poor and overly cliche. I give it 1.5 star. One of these days I aim to meet the great Jim Carey. He's still hilarious as ever. And Zooey Deschanel, Love her.
-moving into my new apartment 1st week of Feb
-I have 4 other jobs which I Love, besides being an agency represented Actress. and Model.
And all of them pay lucratively and consistently. Plus, I freelance all my talents. Aside from the doubt of many, No I have not had to get a job at Burger King or become a Waitress. I knew my plan would work, and it is. All of this additional income, with what I enjoy, allows me to not have to be a "starving" actress and choose movies that have bad parts or do the Jessica Alba thing of doing Dark Angel-the one good thing she's done, and then starring in a bunch of piss-poor comedies where she is half-naked in each thing. I get the strategy, completely, and I Love Jessica Alba, but I aim not to have to go there.

These are the jobs:
1) Fundraiser for a Non-Profit Organization. (after 6 days of training I was informed one of my calls made the "top 20 training calls of All time." And, after just 1 week, I was offered the position of executive assistant to the C.E.O of the company. I turned it down because it's a full-time gig. But, Flattered.

2) Masseuse (usually I freelance and have my own client base, but in LA-can be dangerous- you never know, so I joined a massage company for now that finds me clients, until I familiarize myself enough with LA).
-I already have been booked at my new agency (after just 4 days of launching the website)-well duh. lol. nah its cuz of the picture: (marketing ya know. oy.) (check under STAFF) there's fuckin spelling errors all over the place, but my director-doesn't seem to think its that important. HA! Well we get booked anyway so I guess in some sense he's right. He's pretty great, I think I've pissed him off a bit though. lol.

3) Travel guide for "Wagaami" is a mixed French and Japanese word, which roughly translated means "friend". This company is revolutionizing the travel industry by providing a personalized (Non sexual! and Safe) professional service for savvy travelers who want an inside perspective on cities they travel to. Though I just got to LA, my skill-set in being comfortable with people is the main ingredient for this "position". lol. I get paid to basically have a great time with new and interesting people...

4) Talent Scout for LIMELIGHT Entertainment. We seek specific types of Models (female and male). Though both this one and the non-profit position, I am cutting back my hours because the main Masseuse + my freelance work (Music, Art, Writing-business plans, Tutoring, Dance, Etc.) pays enough for all. Plus this New Orleans gig will bring a nice payola.
>Yes . I will gladly buy y'all cookies and take you to disneyland when I'm famous. And a whole lot more. But keep in mind, the road to the top is a Looong one, that takes hard, ball-busting work and toil, one I'm fully ready to walk on until I reach the gates.

-I have made so many network connections with bigwigs in Hollywood, in a short time its fuckin nuts. I mean....every day is SURREAL. I have a plan of attack as to all the people I Need to meet to get into my Film Niche.
-I have made new friends, that are all Incredible. I feel so BLESSED. Film producers, Musicians, Music Producers, Photographers, a few Actors, one Model.

-other stuff. Yes. there is a lot more. but that stuff is not g-rated and if you want to know about it you'll have to email me. And I'll reply to you when my schedule permits.....mmm......

-My's not just like something out of a dream, or Is a dream, it' some made up fantasy that I keep pinching myself as to it's reality. Simultaneously, I know it all is REAL, and it is all of my making. Also, I would not be here without the help of so many. I carry the dreams and hopes of many, in me. Know that as I am succeeding, and the further I get, we rise Together.




p.s If you ever find me full of myself (well yes I'm a megalomaniac, but you know what I mean) then please give me a hard punch and an ass-whooping. My integrity Must stay in tact in this land of Vices. Don't get me wrong..I LOVE Hollywood.....but it's easy to start thinking you're "the shit" and forget where you came from. So I repeat, Kick Me In The Ass if I start to Become an Ass.

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