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Friday, January 23, 2009

First Official Celebrity Meet

SOO. Guess who I Met at a club tonite? Gordon Ramsey. Yes, That Gordon Ramsey. HOLY SHIT.

I was dancin with some dude at this club AREA and I look over, and I'm like shit is that Gordon Ramsey??!!!! He didn't have a whole crowd of fans around him, I don't think people even know who he is in America. (None of the people in my group knew who he was. I'm like are you serious? He's a fuckin famous Chef. He's so kool. !) Anyway, affter a while, I went up to him (he was on the same dance floor, exactly one couple over from me) , he was dancing with a girl, I tapped him on the shoulder, said, "hey you're Gordon Ramsey right? He kind of smiled like awkwardly, like he was happy with his anonymity. I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable. I just said, "Man, you're awsum. I love your show. My boyfriend and I watched it all the time. I just relocated here from New Zealand." Then he said, "oh really?! What part?" Then I said, "Wellington, Tauranga." And he said, "What's your name". And I said, "Liliana". And he said, "Well I'm with a group of New Year Liliana!" (random eh the New Year thing? lol. that must have been so weird for him, trying to figure out a polite way to tell me to fuck off.) He smiled, put his hand on my shoulder, and I said, "cool, cool. Thanks for talkin' to me. Have a great night!" and I walked (ok, squeezed between a lot of people as this was at a club, lol "walked" in the other direction). And that was that. I kept buggin one of the girls in our clubbing group to use her camera and take a pic of us, but she kept saying "later, later", and of course, later never came, so I don't have any photographic proof of this fucking moment that I doubt will ever happen again. Well I don't know, maybe Ramsey comes to AREA a lot. He was gettin' all kinda freaky with this one girl from his group, lol, it was funny. Oh and what was so Trippy, is that he looks EXACTLY like he looks on TV. I mean, the wrinkled forehead, the hair, everything, its just surreal. So, I officially had my first "celebrity" encounter. He was pretty nice, I half expected him to be like, "fuck you, I'm Gordon Ramsey." So there you go. THIS, THIS which just happened is another reason why it is worth it to be in LA. you never know when you'll run into someone you respect. It was pretty groovy. Woulda been cool to dance with him, probably could have done the slutty thing and shoved my way in, but nah, that's f'cked up. I was trying to figure out a way how I could utilize the networking factor, but my industry is like a whole other world from his, so what's even the point of the whole, here is my card thing. This is actually true of another friend of mine who has run into a Lot of celebrities here, and the main point is that, even if you meet Angelina Jolie, ok, so what. How will that advance your career? A photo in a tabloid? Nah. What you need, and who you need to be meeting with, is not Angelina, but Angelina's Agent. or Ramsey's Agent. But ya, I did the best I could for when I was there. Plus, I was the spotlight of the club, as always, was in a few circles of spontaneous dancer battles, it was so fuckin' fun. One other reason I was trying to attract as much attention to myself as possible was to maybe reel him in like a fish. But it didn't work. lol. It was great seeing him just chillin out with everyone on the floor, again, I don't think anyone knew who he was besides his group, which there were only about 5 of. It's nuts. You could be like Angelina Jolie, and go to China or somewhere where nobody knew you, and blend in. Well Ramsey isn't like Super Famous , but in the UK and Australia/NZ, he's HUGE.

Okey Dokey . I'm just chillaxin after clubbin w/ my group. lol yes I'm on the comp while everyone is thinkin' I'm nuts.

what a cool night. The first thought I had about all this was holy shit Helms would TRIP!!!!

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