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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Love LA!!!!!!!!


I EXPECTED to Hate LA. and I am so damn pleasantly surprised. I fuckin LOOOOVEEEE it here man!!! Geeeez I love it.

by the way, all these media reports and mainstream perception that LA is some evil hellhole is BS so far as I see it, letting all of you know who are outside of LA. This place thus far is safer than any city I've lived in before, and I've lived in my fair share of creepiness. The people are also Very kind, another misconception. I've received a lot of Help in my short time here, totally unexpected.

The only kinda icky thing that happened thus far is, I arrived Saturday, and Sunday my wallet got stolen, with all my "shit" in it. Oh well, things happen. It's all gravy. It technically got "lost", but then when I looked back at the place where I dropped it, it was gone, so an opportunist must have picked it up.

musicians, artists, everyone just walkin on the streets, sunset and hollywood.....saw DAVE KOZ holy shit, well I didn't actually "see him", but while I was preparing before a meeting in beverly hills (i know holy shit. beverly hills. weeeeeee. lol. i'm a doofus.) , I saw his name on the bill at the wilshire theatre. Damn. this is just so fantabulous its gooey.

yes yes you want to know how everything is going. And I will tell you. for now hold on to your socks and wait for results I can show you.

bleeee bleeeaaaaa me love likey la. weee. mk. byebye 4 now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so lil want your wallet back? i'm keeping it a souvineer for when u turn all famous on us!!! like TOM cruz britney spears micheal jackson ain't got shit on me famous!