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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry You-mas

it is not Christ or God who has the power, whether to heal, destroy or elevate. it is YOU. You are that unexplained phenomena. YOU are the one who gets you thru the hardest time. It is YOUR harness of that energy, that unexplainable energy around us, which releases YOU into freedom.

everything the bible says is valid. Everything. When I say that, I am not referring to the historical literacies which some may interpret at "fact". View the bible as a great myth that has a depth of meaning. Don't take things too literally like a whale swallowing a man or the value of pi being equated to the number of 3 instead of it's actual mathematical value. The points about value in humanity, the love for mankind, the transcendent state of mentality in which the "kingdom of heaven" exists, the will to continue to have faith even when all else indicates otherwise, believing that things do have a reason and that as shitty as something gets there IS a purpose and a lesson which you may not have realized yet, all of that, Listen to it and heed it. I've written about all of this in my book, but wherever it comes from, so long as people get the message, YAY. the bible is the most accessible, universally, to all people thus far. do look beyond the text, and also remember that the bible was written by Many people, not one, and it is more a systemic faith of people rather than a description of a biological "fact". It is a collective description, experienced, felt , and claimed to be seen, by a collection of people, at different times throughout history who felt some unexplained truth and were united by it.

this kingdom of heaven business.

Now, many interpret this "kingdom" as being a building or a place. It is WITHIN YOU. don't misunderstood the phrase "kingdom of heaven on earth". many christians misunderstand it too.

it's not a place. or a building. or a collection of intermediaries.

its a place within the spirit, within the mind and foresight. some take millenia just to Reach that mentality. others, reach it sooner. but that Understanding, is the metaphorical Kingdom of Heaven. Thru that SIGHT, you see both a broken leg and a sunset as being the same in beauty, magic and transcendence. consequently, that the bible's definition of good and evil, is very basic. and that, evil and dark, CAN and SHOULD be embraced just as goodness and light. the church fears evil, because they misinterpret what they have read. evil is nothing more than responding to instinct. and instinct can also be controlled. that does not make it neither good nor evil.

Back to the point "eveything in the bible is right". > with the one exception of it being centered around "christ">son of god or "god".

It is YOU. you will say, ah, but where does "YOU" come from. science says the womb, nature. the bible, same thing but in a cosmic way. I say, YOU came into existence because you WILLED your way INTO existence. Yes, even before you were born, your energy, your spirit was present, and it was strong enough, to materialize the THOUGHT and IDEA of YOU, into actual physicality.

most forget about all this.

ALEXANDER held an empire by the age of 25.

the "mysterious force" which allowed him to do this was HIMSELF.

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