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Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope they like their picket fences.....

Guess who's made more progress in 2 weeks in Hollywood than many who've been there for years?

Guess who has 4 reputable acting & modeling agencies in Hollywood interested in signing her? (I already have representation in New Zealand and Hawaii, but aimed to get representation in Hollywood)

Guess who's about to sign an agency contract with one of them in January? (have been reviewing it over the past week).

Guess who's gonna have a small, but notable part in an upcoming blockbuster?

Guess who's already had several paid shoots?

Guess who's been inside a real Hollywood sound studio?

Guess who's got jobs lined up for January?

Guess who's got a place on Sunset Boulevard for a price that is incredibly ridiculously cheap?

Guess who's developed professional relationships with industry contacts in film, music and art?

Guess who's found wonderful people who have been incredibly kind and helpful?

Guess who's down-to-earth and happy?

Guess who's powerful?

Guess who's a dork nerd doofus?

Guess who is enjoying every minute?

Guess who's spending a merry time in San Fran with her family before Jan (while working on things in LA via net lol)?

Guess who sees her partner and blood via Skype whenever possible remaining strong in our 5 year relationship regardless of long-distance!?


GRATEFUL TO ALL!!!! I Love My Life! All success and failure is shared. I'm doing this for me and for ALL of YOU who BELIEVE in Yourselves and Stick To Your Visions. Thank YOU.

Work Smart. Believe. Keep at it. Things Happen.