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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Maktub, the arabic phrase meaning "It Is Written".

Re: my previous post, to skeptics, cynics and most academics, this statement would hold no real value in their lives, which are lives based on order, rules and see-able "facts". A statement as that would seem too new-agey and philosophical to hold ground.

It is then delusional to have faith in a spiritual truth, a higher awareness of the greater pull of a force more intricate and powerful than anything explainable? In some perceptions, yes, it can be considered a delusion.

But there is a very clear, marked difference between the spiritual, the egocentric, the deluded, the pure, and the corrupt.

It is also ironic that nature and spirituality are constantly grouped together, whilst man and man's world are marked as separate. Nature Is Man, as is the Spirit, there is No separation of the two. It's only in this systemic thinking, where vulnerability, kindness and openness are viewed as weaknesses, that nature must be separate from man and that man must be separate from the spirit.

The bond between man and horse for example, illustrates the purity of nature. No manipulation. No ulterior motives. No mind games.

If you come across people in life that you can equate your bond to the way that you would bond with an animal, they are pure, they are the Unicorn.

Beware of that which deviates from this harmony. That is one of the key litmus tests of delusion.

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