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Saturday, October 16, 2010


A mass of delusions, amongst a mass of delusioned beings.

I've met just about every sort this past year. Indeed my life always brings to my attention
the heap of these delusionals, who always think, no matter how absolutely ridiculous
they or their theories are, that they are Correct, that they are Supreme Beings.


Mortal nitwits boasting about their superior powers. These supposed "immortals"
who when I've put them to the test, each one of them Bleeds.

It'd be quite something to film each and every "god" I've met this past year. Ones obsessed with decoding "secret" information in books, others who are certain in their Sun Tzu military strategical prowess (and can barely even handle a simple AK-47 lolololol), ones who drain the energy out of people with forming cults, ones who are convinced they are "the one", ones who are the creative "geniuses" yet in their grandiose genius are far too arrogant to acknowledge the greatness of others before them...oh the list goes on and on.

This is not to say I am not one of such deluded beings. Oh I have my own megalomania and my own revolution and my own chess battle going on. I am very self aware with just how deeply my ego dictates my life, I'm aware of how insane I appear and sound. Am I different from all these other poser demi-gods? That's for others to decide for themselves. I just know I support the individual with my army-I do not have mindless followers who must worship me-each is unique, and I support always questioning everything, including the self. Any fool who claims ultimate confidence with their vision is a sure sign of pure deluded nuttiness. It's the goat who believes it's a tiger. A lost child, a stray from the pack, an unaccepted being. It's sad, mainly, that their lack of acceptance has driven them into such labyrinths that they are unable to see themselves in the mirror. It is just a tragedy for their parents, but of course, these oh-so-superior ones, they have no parents because they weren't "born", they were "created" lmfao.

You have fuckin' superpowers? Great! Awesome! I full heartedly believe in the possibility.
Just prove your worth is all. Stop talking that yada yada blah.

Make a lightning storm happen. Cause an earthquake. Create an electromagnetic force field.

Can they? Nope. Every last one has excuse after excuse after logical explanation (of bullshit).

I play along sometimes, sometimes I play dumb, sometimes I pretend to support their revolution.

It's really not worth the effort of breaking them down piece by piece and showing them the absolute nonsense of themselves. Let each be as each wants to be, delusion is a life choice and all beings have the inherent will to decide what to believe.

Really though it's a hilarious episode of Einstein's quote being proven time and time again:

"there are only two things which are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, though I'm not too sure about the former."


Nebris said...

Super powers? Ha! I'm suffering the torments of the Damned because I cannot even finish writing my own fucking Holy Book!

TheAnomalyInfinite said...


You shall do it!!

"victory is sweetest to those who have known defeat."

Oh and I'm sure you're aware, but just in case, this post was not directed at you dear wise Nebris.

Nebris said...

Yeah, sooner or later I figure.

And as I was reading this I saw yer Holy Moly b/f in my mind's eye, ya know, the Yanni lookalike/Hendrix wannabe who plays guitar like a DD adult. ;D