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Friday, May 15, 2009

what can I's 4 am...and I pantzzz

ok I am seriously in love. these chix are soooo hot. they actually have brains. chix with brains-such a rare thing in LA. wit....flavour...comedy....DLFAJDSLKJF!!! i am in looooovee.....they're both amazing....but I love the naughty one-the one in the yellow.....a younger version of Angelina Jolie....oh man....they're both just sooo....I mean the main one is Fiiiierce and just cute and sexy and meooorrwwwl and the other one is makes me want to do evil things with her.....i want em' in my living room now!!!! and then in my least can we be pals like on sex and the city???!!!! lol

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