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Monday, May 11, 2009

and the weirdest thing is ....however this sounds like i feel.....i just had the most beautiful wonderful probably won't get it....or me

i feel really used, fucked up, and betrayed

i have so much to give, and nobody brave enough to accept it

everyone is shit scared
everyone is insecure

i am the world

i can give you the world
crazy thing is you don't even want it

every person i give my heart to i am crushed by

everytime i release my soul it is stepped on

i am kind of half asleep half dead

why and how did this world get so fucked up

why does everybody lie

why is daily life so awful

why is it that under every element of raw beauty there is always some hidden agenda of pain

why is it that i feel i'm in love wiht every new person i meet, and how stupid i feel that they don't fall in love with me back right away

why is it that i fuckin love everyone and feel one with them

and most are too terrified to look me in the eye

why do people think i'm beautiful now who used to call me ugly

why and how the fuck did i become a model

why are guys intimidated by my looks

why do they think that because of them i would be a jackass or an alien

why am i such an idiot

why do i love my parents so much

why do they love me

why do i love them so much and yet am met, in the worst type of way, always with their disaproval

why do i constantly feel like a shining light in a world that wants to kill it

why do i have so much fuckin love inside me

and why does the world consider that weak

why is innocence considered stupid

why is my kiss too intense for your taste

why do i see your soul when i fuck you

why do your eyes look quiet but i hear their screams

why can i pierce you apart and know just who you are see right the fuck thru you

and why is the one who i thought would never,

desert and leave me wounded

why do i want you

why do i want to delve into your soul

and bite your skin

why do i want and why do i hunger

when i am fucked over......

again and again

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