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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Too many beautiful songs
about all the beautiful women
Vixens and Virgins
you make men shiver

Well I'm gonna blast the foundation
I'm shaking it all up
this ballad is about a man
the one who stole my heart

he's nothing like your Romeo's
or your wanna-be James Bonds
he tops them off and spits em' out
without even understanding why

his innocent mystery
his skin and lips scent..
I've melted like magnolias
wrapped in the essence of Him

In his eyes you'll see Alexandria
upon his lips the river Thames
he hails from the monsoons
from the exotic lands

if you want strength
be prepared to be Broken
he is a rock without a weakness
a silent Knight for all the wounded

yes he was the one who Saved me
brought me back to innocence
I loved him and I think I've killed him
he too, has killed me back

the thoughts he thinks are holy
he is not man nor god, surpassing both
he's above mount everest floating
a ninja with a unicorn's heartbeat

how I love him he'll never know
he's drifted off you see
That kind of Angel
is the only one who's ever made me bleed

so here I am splayed open
feel free to rummage around my ribcage
but you won't find my heart
I've gladly given it to this Prince to keep

He sees himself as a wanderer
and I Know he is actually this lost world's King


That kind of Angel

is the only one who's ever made me bleed

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