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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cruel Intentions

"the road to hell is paved with good intentions."-anonymous.

So then I will say, the road to heaven must be paved with evil ones. ;0

FROM CRUEL INTENTIONS-one of my fav. films EVER.

"Let's toast to my triumph."-Kathryn

"Not my choice of toasts, but alright.
A toast to your triumph over Annette."-Sebastian

"Silly Rabbit.

My triumph isn't over her.

It's over You." -Kathryn

"Come Again?"-Sebastian

"You were very much in love with her.
And you're Still in love with her.
But it amused me to make you ashamed of it.

Don't you get it Sebastian? You're just a Toy.
A little Toy that I like to Play with.

You gave up on the first person you ever loved because I threatened your Reputation.

And now you've completely blown it with her.

I think it's the saddest thing I ever heard.


(drinks champagne from glass).

says evilly: "tastes Good."-Kathryn

(Sebastian looking like he just got run over by a car.)

"Now you may have come to make some arrangements, but unfortunately,
I don't



(Sebastian leaves hurridly, hurt, in despair and shattered.)

"Bye Sebastian."

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