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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Attract What You THINK

My soul is as wide as the ocean. My heart is as free as the sky. My brain is as wise as the mountains. My intent is as swift as the tiger's tooth.

I feel grateful, excited, focused, determined.....something grand happened today. stay tuned........

Helms....You Are My FORCE.
also..I Love Love Love Love LOOOOVe my Mom, and Love Love Love LOOOVE my Dad.
THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL FOR THEIR DEEP SUPPORT! As well as every HATER. You telling me I couldn't do something propelled me even further.


So what was the big news?

A "power player" has taken interest in me, and is introducing me to 5 top studios & executives in LA in Dec.
There's a hell of a lot more goodness in that, but basically that's the fantastico news!!!! Weeee!!!!!!!

I am feeling the combination of being exuberantly focused and ..shitting in my pants. Adrenaline junkie...So. Gotta be Prepared as I possibly can, Market/Package myself as best as I can, and just be the Power Force which is Me!!! I mean DAMN. FINALLLLY. 20 fuckin years battlin'....

"I wanna run down the halls of my highschool....I wanna bust down the double doors...and when I stand on these tables before will know what all this Time was for....."-John Mayer "No Such Thing

p.s If you wanna know the fuller story, lemme know. For all parties involved I'd prefer to protect their privacy and not give out names. (I'm probably also not authorized to! lol).

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Romantic-Revolutionary Representation of Reality said...

great big granny smiles for you... u sound amazingly light hearted, crazy fun, and ready! I LOVE HAPPY LIL! woohooooo