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Thursday, July 24, 2008


observe the shallows in the marsh
so keenly the trees wave and josh
watch the seagulls dance their dance
stare until you have no glance

hear the nuances within the song
play music as if the land and you were one
feed the desires of your instinct
banish only that toxicity which retains

live the wise but do not be the sage
frolic freely as long as is the day
do not concern yourself too much with set reality
the only rules which are present are the ones you perceive

Love in Blood, Fire, Ice, Depth and Earth
run thru forests to sense your birth
create as much as your whim inspires
give yourself the gift of recording life

be the instrument of a thousand thoughts
embrace what is of worth, seek to understand all that which is not
be the legend, be the great, for pursuit of the classic
and not ego's false games

the crazy ideas, those are the best
and what use is money if you can't be bold with it?
smell all the juices and touch diverse skin
let the creative force flow thru you at will

cherish each shining moment
contemplate who you are
seek the path which fulfills your soul
and most importantly, taste the world

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