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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fuck the System. Let's Make a NEW One.

Many seek to make money. But what the basis of the underlying value of this money, how and why it should be made, does not seem to plague or concern many. Simply knowing that money is necessary, and that, the most efficient way to achieve making money, is the goal. I find this incredibly stupid and sadly short-sighted. Human beings have become slaves to money. Even the so called self-employed and business owners are slaves to it. There are various hierarchies as to what scale of slavery humans are in, but most, myself included, are slaves to it. Why cannot all of us as a whole decide that there is something fundamentally fucked up about this whole equation, and put our efforts into Changing it, vs. upholding the same retarded value system that is enslaving all of us, or worse, competing with each other over who is going to be the winner of a game we don't even like? I think we're all already there. I don't think there is a single human out there who can argue that it essentially "sucks" that every one of us has to find a way to make a living. From when we're born until we die, the mission has become figuring out the best way to do this while retaining one's spirit and sanity. Money. The world needs money. Supposedly. That's what it all comes down to. Money. Whether you're an artist or a lawyer, a mother or a whore. You need to eat, live, enjoy pleasure, take care of your family, take care of yourself, blah blah, yada yada. It has long ago ceased to become important to people whether there is any deep purpose tied to their money-making. -here are a few "fighters" left out there who try to use words such as noble and honest in how they make their money, but they are still slaves to it. For the most part, humans are putting their efforts in the wrong direction. We need to figure out how to solve the root of this gaping wound instead of slapping on a thousand band-aids on it. Clearly, all of us, don't like the fact that in our present world, we need money to function at the level of lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to. People are capable of all sorts of glorious things. Building pyraminds, losing 150 pounds in a year, constructing highways, painting Mona Lisas, there are more than enough examples in human history which show that human beings are capable of grandeur. If we can build Rome, we can, as a whole, figure out a way to change the world enough where none of us have to depend on money. MLM's, home businesses, entrepreneurship, the stock market, passive income, retirement plans, these are all great and a level of advancement above mass slavery, but they are still slavery. They still require you to do something you don't ideally want to do, and something that on some level-even if it's deeply subconcious-make you feel a bit quesy. I refuse to believe that human beings who have constructed and solved a Rubik's cube, invented The Internet, found a way to utilize solar energy, are incapable of global change in the structure of an economic system. Our efforts are misguided. We need to re-direct and re-focus them. We need to start thinking of everything as a "we" because everything is connected, and take away the "me" part, because it is only as a "we", that this world will change, for Everyone, including "you" and "me". If we continue this "I", "me", "mine" disease of a mentality that has polluted this world, we will continue to have poor people, rich people, everyone in between, and repeat the cycle over and over again. People will continue to be slaves to money. Even billionaires. There is no escape, in the current system. Only outliers who live outside the system, suckers who unfortuantely depend on the system, and in-betweens who have come to a place of internal compromise who allow themselves to find comfort in the luxuries & rewards of that system. How about instead of All That, FUCK the system. Let's make a new one.
I Am my father's daughter. Science, in a combined fusion with politics and economic strategy, is the only hope this world has. Not only is our economy in shatters, but our Climate!!! Us Los Angelites are all witness to the strange weather that has been happening on a daily basis. Today, thunder, combined with rain (hasn't rained in 3 months), sunny on one half of the sky, cloudy on the other. This is not "normal". Global warming can no longer be claimed to be a fairy tale spun by the media. People across the world are feeling its' subtle, but very real effects. People continue to live out their lives in repitition, as if things are all ok, essentially. They're not. Worse, there seems to be a mentality of ,"ah well, even IF the world does suck, I'll just take care of me and mine, and, that's the best I can do." Bullshit. WE, can ALL, do better. We need to raise our individual and global standards.


Nebris said...

The most recent addition to The Explanation: Addendum C [The Individual and The Hive]

It may not be what you expect from the title.

GoodDunce said...

So what are you doing about it?

the writer said...

writing this post. I'm not yet in a position of power, nor am amassed in wealth to gain power yet. but what I can do, is write, provoke minds, and urge people better than I am to keep brainstorming effective methods into action.

what are You doing about it? =0)

jschikora said...

Very nice. Well said...blah, yada. You are doing a great service. Thank you. Peaces

jschikora said...

This is, most likely, my last attempt to befriend you. I need you now as much as you need me. From my perspective, we were brought together to save this planet. One day we can laugh over the social media frenzi, but right now, God has given me the words to tell you what you need to understand, that I am not like any one you have encountered. That is why you don't see my humor and lump me together with the indoctrinated species upon this plant. I am not for a loss of words if you could spare the time from fb and blocking me....(that was suppose to be funny). 🎈💫✨. It is time to set aside childish ways and take responsibility for our planet. You have made great strides, of which I struggle todas dias, but we are one, and this is Not something to be tackled alone.. And why would you, when you have complete support. I don't have a sexual desire to impregnate you or some incredible fairy-tale fantasy of you and I, because, as you will discover I have already found the ONE. It is an awesome, Paul Harvey version that I hope to share one day with you. So, unblock me, and I you, then we can move forward in some fashion to do what we are here to do. Love one another. Period. If this love and compassion is shared, then one day someone will declare war and no one will show up.