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Monday, March 07, 2011

No Catch-22's, This is Real Beautiful Life

I have not written here in a while. I have many entries in logbooks, journals and accounts, but have not had time to type them up.

Plus everything on this website will be shifting to my new one soon anyway, or at least, will be re-directed by another proxy.

Perhaps because there has been a plethora of information to decode, process, digest, and then regurgitate.

Albeit, Too Much is Not Enough.

Life has been like a jet speed G6 ...

Everything is happening like lightning, in Every area of my life.

I am sitting here in Phoenix right now, in the desert, (how amazing is technology)?!

It is great to get another break from Hollywood again.

Every time I leave the city of angels on another *mission* or for a gig/work, I always feel that I'm leaving my heart behind, but that it is good for it.

Absence makes my spirit stronger and my soul crave more for my goals.

There are people in my life right now that blow my brain wide open and shake up my core.

This is what I've been many ways...and for the first time in my life...I think I actually have dependable, stable, personages I can rely on, and vice verse.

It is bizarre to think that just a year ago my life was 180 degrees opposite. It could not be More different than it is in this moment.

I envisioned this all...and it's playing out precisely as I wanted it to. I didn't know how all the dots would connect, I just knew, had a craving, had an urge, had a subconscious desire for what I wanted....and now the universe is giving it to me in spades.

I'm humbled, grateful, stunned, baffled, amused...and just waiting for the other shoe to drop, hoping that it won't.

The old me is not only dead and gone...I don't even know who or what that being was.

I'm so markedly different changed, on so many's amazing that I even recognize myself in the mirror.

The salamander hasn't just become Godzilla.

What I've become doesn't have a name.