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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Only when you have understood the weaknesses of a particular system can you claim you have understood it. Define that which if absent, would make the entire structure collapse and you have mastered the pattern.

People operate the same way.

In martial arts, determining your opponent's weakness (es) is what will win you the battle. Strength, speed, training, all of these are not nearly as important as this one key point.

People are machines. They are organic constructs, they are flawed, they have chinks.

Uproot and discover a person's Achilles' heel and you can get them to do anything you want, get anything you want from them. As the world system is comprised of people, decision-makers, gate-keepers, those in ultimate power, find them, target them, decipher them, push every button to keep them aware you know their darkest truth, and play the world as your theatre.

Puppetmasters are only able to control puppets because between each separation of wood, there is a break.

Why share this information with you? Is it not counter-intuitive to strategical planning?

No, you are mistaken.

Whilst you have just read this tiny blurb of a thought, I've just demonstrated an example of puppeteering-something in here grabbed you and you succumbed to it.

Don't worry, don't think about it too much. It's just bullshit, right?


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