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Thursday, October 16, 2008


here are some new song lyrics of mine. (it all rhymes to the tune in my mind. haven't recorded the music yet.)


i think i have a skewed perception
every thought is opposite from what they think
i'd rather be a hermit than popular
rather be of original substance than a #1 hit

all the picket fence brainwash
yea I flew above that from the start
they tell me life is only one way
i see it all as art

oh and i walked on water
when jesus was frozen in my kidneys
i have supernatural powers
i can soar when i'm asleep


i'm a paranoid schizophrenic
hypomanic A.D.D
bipolar and a depressive OBCD

in my eyes i see the future
it's anything i want it to be
they all wanna call me crazy
i know i'm a genius. a genius.

this is how all genius speaks

been called ugly, beautiful, hot
and everything in between
you will find across all borders
you're only as big as you believe

delusional, said all the uppers
as i shared my plans to change the world
"its the ego that destroys you"
settle for a life less bold

you got all your labels
i got all my brain
i know i'm not the only one
who sees it all this way

voice-over bridge:

Kahlo, Einstein, Plath, Da Vinci
Nash, Plato, Gates, Manson, Shakespeare
They all had a vision nobody understood
Now the world bows to the ones they ridiculed

chorous x2

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