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Thursday, May 15, 2008

On Masturbation

Masturbation is the highest level of self control possible. To exert the entirety of one's body to the point of orgasm/ejaculation is transcending. The focus required to successfully release a series of contracting pulses is not only healthy, but necessary. Morality, again, and the Religious Way, prohibits self-fulfillment. Because religious fanatics and The Moral are secretly self-hating. To give the body pleasure would be to admit that the body is capable of pleasure, and to admit that would be to say that a human is self-sufficient. A human can grow vegetables, walk, reproduce, and masturbate. Natural functions, most of which are discouraged by society, especially in the case of masturbation in overly-frequent amounts. Masturbation requires an attention to the tiny nuances of pressure and touch which stimulate the body to experience hungry sensations. A hunger that is similar to an itch, simultaneously pleasurable and painful. As most truly erotic pleasures are, pain is a subsidiary. The fingers, neck, collarbone, shoulders, back, butt, calves, legs, thighs, hair, ears, nose, mouth, lips, each a vital part in the construction of the human pleasure vehicle. The neglectful beliefs of sexual activists is that they forget about how immensely pleasurable the details can be. A specific touch at a specific temperature on a specific part of the body equates in a more pleasurable orgasm. To understand, to love and to touch all parts of the body and not just common erogenous zones is a matter of awareness and acceptance. Love. The beauty of the body, of each contraction, of each wave. This is not entirely dependent on emotional love. Emotional love comes from within loving onesself. When truly loving onesself, loving another's body is automatic. The best sex is thru this understanding. The connection felt during masturbation is perfect. That perfection is achieved with another only if both have both truly masturbated by themselves and taken the time to know what their body desires and responds to. Sex, is not about actions, nor is it about emotions. It is about an individual understanding of the body, and how the body relates to the mind, to the psyche, to the emotional sphere of the brain. These elements are crucial to the physical process of sex, the gravity of force and lack of it. Masturbation is about understanding yourself. Modern society encourages you to understand others, not yourself. Which is why few ever achieve true sexual fulfillment. Women are encouraged to attain to their partner's needs, men encouraged to have the stamina to fulfill their women. Neither is addressing the most basic human need, to feel sexual satisfaction within one's own mind. Listen to the urges you have within yourself while you masturbate. Suck your fingers if there is an impulse to put your mouth around an object. Lick your hand if there is an impulse to taste. Move, move hips, move legs, kick, if there is the natural instinct to do so. These impulses will be alive and muscle-automated during sex with another lover. If you had not masturbated, you would have picked up these signals during intercourse with another and would not be able to determine whether they were yours, or theirs, or how to do them. The interference of others prevents self happiness. And self happiness should be strived for because self exploration Is self happiness.These are the actions which masturbation helps us to understand about ourselves. It is only thru self-discovery when we will learn about how to satisfy another. Most importantly though, that each satisfies the individual self, and that thru this individual satisfaction, mutual satisfaction is met. Without masturbation, this bliss is not possible.

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