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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Liliana Alam a.k.a TheAnomalyInfinite Update" Issue 10

      "TheAnomalyInfinite a.k.a Liliana Alam is a Writer, Model,
Artist, Musician, Researcher, Actress, Spiritual advisor,
Humanitarian, Mentalism master (the art of kineticism), Athlete,
Inventor, Chef, Philosopher, Martial Artist, Mathematician, Producer,
Dancer, Health & Sex guru, a Genius, a Visionary, CEO and Co-founder
of EmpireEnterprises, Equestrian, Entrepreneur. AI's unique method of
doing everything, doing it with "The AI flavour" versatile genius, and
easily navigating between vast areas of expertise, makes her the first
of her kind. A child prodigy hidden from the public eye, AI "did it
all" by the age of 10.
                               Now at Only 20!! she's grown to being
it all, and is now
                                          sharing her story with the world.
                                                   Witness the Rise of AI."

Newsletter now goes out to over 9,000 subscribers worldwide


                                               Amidst the hidden lie the shores

                        of girlish wants
and boyish bores
                                             the unicorns frolick
                                                  so stems the fond sea

       oh ye children! play light, play free

the mass of all which comes to pass
         is nothing,                                   and it should
not stop your path
forget the taunts and jeers and fears
                                         your mind is wide
                                                      fill it with dreams

fantastical fairies!
               flying crocodiles!
empires of chocolate
and phantoms that             CrY
 forget my dears, of all that was,
and keep thy visions beside thine hearts.........

-Liliana Alam, July 2007, 5:29 AM


Hello Everyone! Its been a while I know. How are you all? I hope Fantastic!!!!

Me I have been Great! Working on the book, spending time with Helmut
Marko a.k.a FreedomOfWill whose screenplay is progressing grandly as
well, chillin in my hotel, walking on the beach and meditating,
working hard on all my projects!!, working on my company
EmpireEnterprises launching 2008/2009, seeing random children laugh as
they play, watching people smile, responding to your lovely emails,
watching interesting movies, reading grand books, sleeping & dreaming,
dancing, Living!! the usual. Have been slowly packing up stuff, as I
am leaving New Zealand on July 24 to move to America. I will be from
July 24-August 20 in Russia to visit my family who I have not seen
since I was 12. I will be going with my mom, stepfather, stepbrother
and half-brother. I am Excited!! Also I will be turning 21!!! on
August 15!!!!

To see a full version of my schedule for the next few months, you can
visit my myspace music page:

or, lol, someone ( i suppose the term would be one of my "fans" haha)
has started up a fan club for me on facebook, so you can join it here:

(u have to get a facebook -free- account first) as a note-FACEBOOK IS
WAAAAY BETTER THAN MYSPACE. indeed it is the BEST online community I
have found thus far. Trust Me. You can delete all your other ones and
just have a facebook.

here is an invite:

the "fan" club hahah still cracks me up, has photos of me, my
schedule, "fan"s' thoughts and opinions, etc.

there is also one for my company, which offers much of the same,
although it is not a "fan" club and EmpireEnterprises's official
facebook profile, to reach out to clients, future and current
employees, and touch base with the conundrum that is the online


Everyone can join Facebook. To register, go to:

Liliana invited you to join the Facebook group "EmpireEnterprises".

To see more details and confirm this group invitation, follow the link below:

Everyone can join Facebook. To register, go to:

Here is a description of EmpireEnterprises:

Employer:       EmpireEnterprises
Position:       CEO and Co-Founder
Time Period:   November 2006 – Present
Location:            Bases Worldwide, Current main staff in Texas and California
Official Launch ETA: mid-2008/2009

"We are an all encompassing Empire Business incorporating and
producing the Best Products in a vast variety of areas.

We provide the world with Original, Quality, Creative, and Unique
talent with subsequent product and/or services thereof including but
not limited to: Books, Music CDs, Artworks, Health/Medical cures,
Natural Remedies, Natural Resources, Motion Pictures/Films, Food,
Technological Inventions, Elite military training, Educational
systems, Finance & Investments, WorldAid, etc." -Excerpt from the EE
employer & Employee business card

"We aim to help people, To provide practical, ingenious, quality
solutions to daily problems. To Enlighten, Challenge, and Entertain
all beings, everywhere. Our Quest is to find The Most Exceptional
Individuals who produce Exceptional Work and sponsor them as our
talent. Our Quest is to find those rebellious, talented Individuals
which other mainstream companies reject for fear of profit, and give
them the creative freedom, financial stability, and the backbone of a
worldwide corporation to distribute their work. Our Quest is to be an
all-encompassing Empire Business incorporating and producing The Best
Products in a vast variety of areas. Our Quest is to open the minds of
the human populace worldwide, in a manner both free, easily
accessible, and economically profitable. We Aim to be a long-lasting
Empire with a grand Legacy, which survives for centuries to come."
-Excerpt from the Official EmpireEnterprises Mission Statement.

Copyright Reserved EE 2006-2007, and Co-Owners Liliana Alam, Austin
Bunton, and Helmut Marko. EmpireEnterprises Trademark Name may not be
used without permission from Owners. Redistribution of ideas permitted
and encouraged.

"All companies need to have a long term goal but more importantly
understand the stepping stones to that goal. It's the stepping stones
that interest me. It's all in the detail."
-David O'Mahony

"I guess with any large conglomerate the notion that they are always
right and others are wrong is the biggest pitfall. That is why
monopolies fail...that and governmental restrictions."
-David O'Mahony

Liliana Alam, "i definetly agree and salute you there. that is one
thing i never want EE to become, some dogmatic brainwashed society. i
always want to make sure we have all sorts of people on the team, and
a diverse background of sources for ideas, etc. liberals,
conservatives, all types of people. not just open minded, but closed
minded people as well, because it is all our world. there is no "right
way". i wish the world for peace, but the best way to get there first,
is to "do not seek to be understood. seek instead to understand."
-mother theresa


New Music of mine up on

drama, pain, beauty, and parodies........Have Fun and Come Again!
Tell your friends! Tell your mother! Tell your father! Tell your Cat!
Tell your Church HAHAHHAHH! Tell your Controversial Cynics! Tell your
Best Friend! Tell your Worst Enemy! Tell your bidei! Tell your lover!
Tell your mistress! Spread Word of THE AI!!!!!


At the Cinema:

Pan's Labyrinth (on my top 10 list of all time. the BEST movie i have
seen since Meet Joe Black)

Bridge To Tarabithia (if you take ur kid/s be warned, it is slightly sad.)

Blades of Glory (its funny. you'll laugh. nuff said.)

At the Library:

all of Herman Hesse as usual
all of Lois Duncan
all of Lois Lowry
Aristotle's Metaphysics
"Awake" A Series of Life-Changing Epiphanies by the world's most
respected Authors
Understanding Islam
"A Brief History of Everything"

At the CD store (or download

Regina Spektor (the ah-ah-a-aah-a song its called "infedelity")
Justin Timberlake (DAMN! so much Talent, in so many ways!)
Fergie (aside from the hype, I do think she's Fantabulously Fergalicious)
Paris Hilton (her music is listenable. although i'm not sure how much
of it is actually her voice, or a digital robot)
Dave Koz

On TV:

Point Pleasant (the antichrist comes in the form of a beautiful blonde.)
Dark Angel
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office-british version
The Apprentice:Donald Trump
America's Next Top Model
Project Runway

On the Net: (ME!!!) (brazillian supermodel. need i say more?) (you know you want to so just Go.) (Cats That
Look Like Hitler!!!) (remember all of your friends+family's
birthdays! you can start off with MINE-August 15, 1986!!!) (Prominent Lebanese fashion designer as reccomended
to me by my friend Ziad Alhemdi-on my myspace top 40 friends)

At the Grocery Store/Farmer's Market:

Broccoli (carcinogen + if you eat every day supposedly longer life.....)
Bell Peppers in assorted colours
White Lettuce
Goat Cheese
Cream Cheese
Sour Cream
Mushrooms (any kind)
cans of tuna
pasta (any type)
Lamb in a small package
Mince/Ground Beef in a small package
Boneless chicken pieces

those are your basics. with that you can make dinner for 20. (i've
done it.) or you can make dinner for 1 for about 3-4 weeks (what i
usually do)


Lots of new photo shoots with some amazing photographers. Check out my
websites for new photos, I have also attached some for you. the
photographers are

Tom Martin-   (I am Liliana in the Models section)  (I am eon314)

Tom is an experienced photographer who has done diverse photographic
assignments for various magazines and projects.

and Gary Reid an Imaginative refugee from South Africa  -

Gary's passion is Wildlife photography, particularly the Wild Dog.
Gary also Loves Nature photography, and anything Artistic.

Gary is working on a Fairy Themed Book Project for the next 2 years. I
am one of the 15 or so models who will be featured in it.


The Book is pretty much Finished. Its being edited by my close friend
and great writer Rory Walkinshaw, and by a great editing company. It
will be published by an independent publisher in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
After the 1st printing I am confidant a bigger publishing house will
pick it up.

Mr. Walkinshaw's preliminary review after reading all its 1000+ pages is:

(u can


$40 is the price of dinner out for two. Or you can feed a villiage for
2 months. You decide.

I have recently sponsored a child. Please also do so. They need your
help. If you cannot afford a monthly sponsorship payment, then
Volunteer and give your time there are plenty of centers you can sign
up at, or make a one-off donation. Please. If you are a skeptic and
believe that your donation will not help, then that is fine. Please
create your own organization and help the sick and starving. We can
help these children. AND WE MUST.



"cut my milk."-Stewie
"i can't sir, its liquid."-Butler
"imbecile! freeze it, then cut it, if you question me again I'll put
you on diaper duty"-Stewie of Family Guy

"don't piss on my pants and tell me its raining." some dude from movie Layercake

"You Know My Name."-Chris Cornell...from recent james bond casino royale

"it is better to die on one's feet than to live on one's
knees."-revolutionary Zapata

"if you take life too seriously, it ceases to be funny."-Alan Shore
from The Practice

"There is something much larger to life....why are u here? why are u
alive? think for yourself. question everything. do not listen and
regurgitate. use your imagination. life is larger than goals and
careers and money and daily things. it is a dimension of mystery. go
explore it! love people. cherish beauty. take time to look at flowers
and don't ever rush."-Liliana Alam a.k.a TheAnomalyInfinite

"you think thats air you're breathing?"-Morpheus, The Matrix

"I don't think you're good. I don't think you're bad. I think you're


"I'm HARDCORE DETERMINED. NOTHING and NOBODY is gonna stop me or get
in my way. I work hard to get what I want, and thus far, I'VE ALWAYS
GOTTEN IT."-Liliana Alam a.k.a TheAnomalyInfinite

"Never, Never Give Up"-Winston Churchill

"We must not let other people's limited perceptions define us."-Madame Curie

"Great Spirits have always encountered Violent Opposition from
MEDIOCRE MINDS."-Albert Einstein

"Do not seek to be Understood. Seek instead to Understand." -Mother Theresa

"Only the dead see the end of the war."-Plato

"In all your physics and sciences, what possible explanation can you
come up with that explains the phenomenon of Love?"-Albert Einstein

"1 hair on your head is not enough, but 1 in your soup is too
much."-Albert Einstein on Relativity

"Genius is the ability to put into effect what is in the
mind."-F.Scott Fitzgerald

"Genius is aiming to shoot at a basket, and hitting it, before anyone
else has even seen the court."

-Helmut Marko a.k.a FreedomOfWill

"i find people who say they hate their parents untrustworthy. Your
family is who you began with. It is your greatest TEST of human
relationships to be able to Keep that relationship strong, regardless
of anything."-Liliana Alam

"Your family, your parents, well they were the first ones who placed
boundaries, restrictions, borders on you. So how well you were able to
overcome those restrictions and become your own person, shows your
Real Character, more indeed than any other test in life."
-Helmut Marko a.k.a FreedomOfWill

"there are many in this world starving for a bit of bread. but there
are many more who are starving for a bit of love."-Mother Theresa

"Science is like opening a door, only to discover a hallway of a
million doors."
-Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman

"Hey Uncle Tak, do you think Spiderman could happen?"-Liliana Alam
"Well for all scientific purposes I don't see why it Couldn't happen."

-Tak Sugimura, phD. Retired Astrophysics professor/engineer, currently
a computer whiz at Maui High Performance Computing Center, family


About Me:

Height: 5'8,
Measurements: 36C-bust, 25-waist, 37-hips
Race: Half Russian/Half Bangladeshi, roots in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,
Mexico and Egypt.
Occupation: Scroll Up to the Top
Age: 20
Likes: Everything
Dislikes/Has No Tolerance For: Ignorance, Closed-Mindedness and Negativity


Bilal Saad
Today at 6:23pm :

so how did you enter modeling , how it began with you

Liliana Alam
Today at 6:30pm :

well i've gotten offers since i was 12. people would stop me on the
street, random people, men mostly, sometimes women. Some men would
actually stop their cars and just stare at me walking on the road.
Lots of random and weird stuff like that. Then lots of model agencies
and agents approached me. just randomly, on the bus, at the beach,
etc. but at that age i didn't want to model, i thought it was a very
stupid profession. and my mama she did not allow it either. but
then....i started learning more about it, and getting more into
fashion, and i realized there is a huge art in it. so i accepted an
offer from barbizon international modeling agency and i have been with
them now they are my main agency since 13. so i've modeled all around
the world. but, i also have other agencies that manage my acting,
singing, etc. other talents. and barbizon..well they are ok. i wanna
switch to a bigger agency like Elite or Ford. i have a meeting with
Ford models in LA when i move there. but yea, i haven't taken modeling
very seriously, its just been more for fun, and it pays really well. i
mean most highschool kids get afterschool jobs, and i modeleled. to
give u some perspective, i make at least $150USD per hour, per shoot.
each shoot is about 6 hours. so u calculate that, if i do one shoot
per week, i make more money than most people make in a month.

when i was 15 i had an opportunity to fly out to see execs in LA to
launch my entertainment career at the prestigious WTC conference. it
was all scheduled to go, and i cancelled last minute. i can't wasn't the time for me. i was not ready yet for what would
come. fame and fortune and the whole hollywood scence, its a lot...i
wanted to wait until I was ready, in all ways.

NOW I AM!!!! =0) and i'm moving to LA this november of 2007.

so ya....only this year i have started to become more ambitious in
modeling. that is why i want to switch agencies. but before that, and
now, i get assignments from photographers and designers, and i do what
i like, pick and choose u know. so yup. its a fun world to be in. but
it can be very fucked up to girls. but i always was strong and knew
what i was doing, so i didn't mess with drugs or any of that like
other girls. if i had taken it more seriously i probably woulda been a
supermodel by now. but it was just another thing to me. now i wanna be
a victorias secret model, on swimsuit illustrated swimsuit edition,
Ambitious is now a Great Understatement.

I also firmly believe in Health and Fitness. I do not encourage
underweight modeling in any way. I am a Woman with Grace and Curve.
And High Fashion CAN be done by size 4-6 Models!!!! I am gonna TAKE
OVER THE FASHION WORLD!!!! Girls, don't listen to anyone who tells you
you need to lose weight. Tell them they need to lose stereotypes and
grow a mind of their own.


with email-i get Literally around 600 emails per week, so I may not
get back to you right away. I do read and check all my email. Put some
spark of genius in your subject line and I might read yours first. Fan
Mail=I get a lot. So please, I appreciate all the love, but no more
"damn u are fine u are my dream girl i love u will u marry me" stuff
ok? i like emails of SUBSTANCE. Hate Mail-I get Tons. Due to my
controversial nature I suppose. Most of it is from females. I always
like to hear your opinion, but please, think about what you are saying
and why you say it. No more jealousy and insecurity please ok?
Remember I am a real being with FEELINGS. Intelligent conversation
please. Thanx everyone!! muwaaah xxxx



A Ph Balanced Tortilla Wrap

"Healthy, Fast, Simple, Cheaper than a Burger"

1 ordinary tortilla wrap
1/3 green bell pepper
1/3 red bell pepper
1/3 yellow bell pepper (or orange)
1/3 onion
1/3 red tomato
1/6 pumpkin (any kind)
¼ avocado
crumbles of Goat Cheese (as wanted)
some lettuce (white)
a sprinkle of lemon juice
condiments (if wanted)

to make it phBalanced: only put 20% of the following in the whole

dijonaise, horseradish, wasabi, mustard, tomato paste

Slice onion
Slice tomato
Slice peppers
Slice avacado (do not Mash! it tastes better sliced)
boil pumpkin

AFTER all is boiled and sliced:

warm tortilla on frying pan or microwave for appx. 30 secs. > or until
soft and warm

put tortilla on a plate

put a little goat cheese on bottom
lettuce on top of that
put in all ingredients, layering with lettuce and goat cheese as you go.
(whichever order you prefer)
>i suggest putting avocado on the bottom, pumpkin in the middle, and
cheese 1 layer on top-to melt

(add condiments at this point if wanted but i assure you the taste of
this food will suffice and Please your taste buds)

make sure the food pile is small enough to wrap up!

heat in microwave for 30 sec-1 min. in microwave



(I recommend eating with your Hands! A food's pleasure is half in the
texture and touch! Let the sauce Drip!!! Lick your fingers!!!)

And and share with someone you love!


Til' next time,

May the Eve of Yesterdays begone with the Rise of your TODAY, Your NOW.


I love you all.

Ciao bello y bellas,
Liliana Alam a.k.a TheAnomalyInfinite

p.s If any of you want to chat with me,
I have Skype, Yahoo, Gmail all with the email/screen name:

and MSN Windows Messenger Live:


"What you dream is already your reality. You have to believe in it
enough to see it." -Liliana Alam

realize that what you are is undefinable in any terms which surround
you, nor is anything which surrounds you definable. free yourself of

"1 hair on your head is not enough, but 1 in your soup is too much"-
Albert Einstein on relativity


everything is nothing is everything....

why did the chicken cross the road? because thats what everybody told
you, and you believed them.-TheAI


franz said...

Just a tip about your use of the word carcinogen - The term carcinogen refers to any substance, radionuclide or radiation which is an agent directly involved in the PROMOTION of cancer or in the facilitation of its propagation (via Wikipedia)

also the Spektor song is 'Fidelity' - bit of a different meaning!

Bye!!!! xox

TheAnomalyInfinite said...

HI Franz. Thank you for your comment. Actually carcinogen can have multiple meanings. In the way I was using it, it means an agent which Prevents symptoms of cancer and any onset of it.

Lol about the "fidelity". good catch.

By the way..I do hope this does not offend you......Who are you? Do I know you? I don't remember anyone named Franz.... (unless you are Helmut's brother)...

Have a Fantabulous Night/Day/Whatever.


franz said...

no... you don't know me. maybe one day!

TheAnomalyInfinite said...

franz: where are you from, and where do you currently reside?

what moves you, what do you feel, what do you think, what do you live for?

=0) ciao bello

Anonymous said...

this phony hollywood burnout con artist is actually a prostitute. she was as low as hooking on sunset blvd and hollywood blvd in a blonde wig and trench coat half naked underneath. she's since graduated to a higher class of discrete escorting but still cons unsuspecting gents to "INVEST" in her "CAREER"

TheAnomalyInfinite said...

Hey, "Anonymous", you're full of shit, Firstly. I've never prostituted in my entire life and have in fact done the exact opposite, turning down multi-million dollar deals offered by assholes in business suits to keep my integrity. Secondly, thanks for your hatred. Every ounce of human hatred brings me that much closer to Jesus and to God. Happy New Year.

TheAnomalyInfinite said...

Your comment is actually funny. That some random troll is posting nonsensical jibberish that is so completely ridiculous, unfounded, and inaccurate, on My blog is amusing. That you don't even have the ability to back-up your grandiose talk with a face, body, and name is even more sad. My life is real, my principles are solid, I am a real person, I've lived a real life. I write for the purposes of helping others find their way through the maze. That you stumbled upon my blog and chose to leave behind the worst excrement possible is indicative of your own trauma. If there is any advice you can find through this blog, please use it. I hope that whatever suffering you are going through can be resolved internally, without projecting your insecurities out on other people. Good Luck. - Liliana Alam, The Anomaly Infinite.