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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Newsletter Issue 5

"Liliana Alam a.k.a TheAnomalyInfinite Update" Issue 5

TheAnomalyInfinite a.k.a Liliana Alam is a writer, entertainer,
artist, musician, athlete, inventor, mathematician, a genius, a
visionary…. AI's unique method of doing everything, doing it with "The
AI flavour" genius, and easily navigating between vast areas of
expertise, makes her the first of her kind. A child prodigy hidden
from the public eye, AI "did it all" by the age of 10. Now at 20 she's
grown to being it all, and is now sharing her story with the world….
Witness the Rise of AI.

Hey Everyone! Thanx for the looooooove! Love is grand. Hate is grand.
And betwixt them both lies ME.

I am every contradiction, I am the soul of your fire, I am more than a
perception, open up your mind and let me thrive.

Mucho Gracias to an anonymous friend for creating the format of my
newsletter this past week!

Recently I had a Q&A session about my current project. I have
re-arranged my interviewer's name as P, and my responses as AI. Hope
this answers some questions I've been getting from many of you!

P: one question

AI: ya

P: what exactly is that you are producing?

AI: its something never been done before so its a difficult question to answer

P: try?

AI: its a compilation of music, artworks, writings, mathematical
theories, equations, philosophy works, video, ............
in the form of 1)book
2) websites
3)all internet forums
4) a new type of internet based on a code i have yet to create
5)video, tv
6)satellite radio, radio
the first cut is the book, which in itself is completely multi-media
and multi-genre
-poetry, images/artworks, short stories, stories, essays, theories, etc. etc.

P: how is it multi media?

AI: the storyline for the book is "how an ordinary being becomes a
supernatural being. Superman meets Batman meets the Bible. based on my
it is multi-media because i use different mediums of expression
within one medium
and the entire project, is multi-media as there are different types
of mediums i will use and have used

P: alright
and that is due in august?
how is it being published?

AI: the completion date is scheduled for august 2007, but due to the
large nature of the project, it might be postponed. so far i'm on
schedule, even ahead. its being published, in the form of a book. my
publishing company has capabilities to produce high quality graphic
images in addition to text

P: oh ok

AI: it'll come out in pdf copies on the internet as well

P: brb...

AI: it will make a profit as well as be free

P: gotta make a call...


Organization and meeting deadlines are a sometimes a monotonous quest
of duty in the aim to create something original. Sometimes the
perception arises, "how can I do what I want to do now, when what I
want for tomorrow needs to be done right now?" Sacrificing your
favorite TV show for a half-hour of concentrated work. Telling your
loved ones you're busy in order to work on meeting a deadline. Your
life is what you want, and you love what you do, but you just wish you
had more "me-time", more "spontaneous time". There's a way! Rebel
radical ideas can still suffice in substance in accordance to "the
reality" of the professional world. You can still have emotions within
rigidity and complete quality work. You have so much within you, why
would you want to hide it and act like a robot? How? Think of your
idea. Write it down. Don't be a workaholic. Go outside! Take a few
hours out of your hectic schedule to explore the vast mysteries of
life. See a sunset, regardless of how many you have seen before. Take
deep breaths of air, close your eyes, focus your mind on the scent of
clarity within the aromas which surruond you. Breathe in, breathe out,
repeat. Open your eyes. See the colors which surround you. Let your
mind focus on one specific color, or one specific object. The minute
your mind starts to wander to thoughts of work or ideas, start over.

Always know that whatever you envision in your mind is possible. If
you can imagine it, you can live it. There are no aims too high or too
unrealistic. Yes it is important to understand the various systems in
place which control the world as we see today. I am not living in a
dream world. I live in the "real world". But reality is of your own
making. Rules, they are not the final dictatorship which define you or
what you are capable of. Rules are created for a purpose, that purpose
should be researched, respected, and understood. But once an
understanding is reached, look for a better way to live. Some rules
work, some don't, all can be improved. Why is improvement necessary?
Because if you have an idea, you have it within you, ride it out, see
what happens, and don't give up on it. The internet started out as an
idea. The lottery started out as an idea. YOU started out as an idea
when your parents decided they wanted a child. EVEN if you are a love
child. Ideas, imagination, and the courage to dream are what will
ensure the survival of the human race. Don't ignore your ideas,
cherish them. Don't resort to what you see, create what you dream.

If you're not fulfilled with where you are today, take a day off to
think of what you want. All that you want. Write it down. Thats the
1st step.

Questions, comments? I'd love to hear from you. email me:

Please keep checking my current websites for FAQ

My official website will launch sometime soon. I've found some great
web-designers, and am always looking for more! Lets make something
infinite! I am looking for committed, dedicated, deadline-adhering,
humanity-oriented, genius, creative people.

"Working hard" is only a perception. If you feel you are "working
hard", you're probably doing an unsatisfactory job. Pay attention to
detail, absorb the world around you, and unstress your mind. You will
find that when your mind is in focus, there is nothing which is "hard
work", even if you do 1,000 push-ups in a row.

Some of you have been telling me I should be a lawyer. I wanted to be
when I was younger, but it hasn't been a main priority. After I
establish my empire, attain my millions, power, and peace, perhaps I
will self-study, pass the bar at 30 and set up a small private firm
somewhere in the world.

Who am I? An evil genius. Naturally I'm closed-minded and private. A
long time ago I was a snob and refused to speak to anyone. You think
Simon Cowell is mean? I agree with everything he says. Normally I'd be
dissing the world too. But I've seen that the world is not black and
white. Its a daily effort to open myself up. I have seen many
businessmen and women feel that in order to do good business you have
to be a robot and view everyone as your enemy. NOT TRUE! Generally.. I
have no tolerance for negativity, stupidity, lack of motivation,

Sex and the City: Fun, hilarious. And ironic seeing successful women
busting their brains over how to achieve relationship harmony.
"Strong" does not mean "sleep with many men". Nor does it mean "purity
through abstinence". Strong is an internal quality, independent of
circumstance or situation. How do you get it? Self-belief.

The age old question: Which law show do I prefer, Boston Legal, the
Practice, Law & Order, .....

THE PRACTICE. The morality, serious message alongside hilarious
circumstances, and quick wit is unparalleled.

Until the next time.................

TheAnomalyInfinite a.k.a Liliana Alam

may your perceptions continue to enlighten you-TheAnomalyInfinite

realize that what you are is undefinable in any terms which surround
you, nor is anything which surrounds you definable. free yourself of

LEARN ABOUT TheAnomalyInfinite@:


"1 hair on your head is not enough, but 1 in your soup is too much"-
Albert Einstein on relativity


everything is nothing is everything....

why did the chicken cross the road? because thats what everybody told
you, and you believed them.

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